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To use Turbo HTML Compressor / HTML Minifier, Paste HTML Codes in the given textarea box below and click on "Compress HTML" button. Or use upload HTML files option to compress multiple HTML files at a time.

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Turbo HTML Compressor

This HTML Compressor online tool minify or reduce HTML file size [upto 65%]. Make your websites load faster to increase website traffic by 295%. To know more about HTML Compressor read the full article.

Everyday SEO optimization techniques are changing rapidly. But some techniques are fixed Page speed is one of them. Page speed depends on the Server and website page size. So we have to reduce HTML file size to increase web page speed. Here we will minify our web pages using an HTML compressor online tool to save our time.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages. Web developers use HTML language for building website structures to display content.

HTML Code Example

how to reduce html file size

Why Compress HTML Codes?

Do you know page speed is an important factor in website SEO? If you don't know about your website's page speed, you can use the PageSpeed Insights Checker tool to check your website's load time.

This free online HTML size reducer tool makes HTML codes and files much smaller by removing:

  • Tab spaces
  • Replacing double spaces with single spaces
  • Deleting text line breaks and other extra objects

Why Reduce Html File Size?

As a blogger, our main target is to generate organic traffic. We know Search Engine Optimization is the main goal of a webmaster to generate targeted traffic or customers. We also know page speed is an important factor in SEO.

A website loads slowly for its large image, HTML, CSS, JS file size. So, We have to create a lightweight website to increase website speed. Now think a second, why we compress HTML file size online.

What is an Html compressor tool?

HTML Compressor is a free online HTML optimizer or Minifier tool. It helps to speed up your web pages and reduce HTML file size by removing tabs, line breaks and extra spaces. If you run a service or website and use an uncompressed file it will lose a lot of bandwidth. So, If you have a very high bandwidth website, then compressed HTML files can save you a lot of money by reducing server bills. It is one of the best and easiest ways to optimize a site.

There are many HTML Minifier online to reduce page size compressing HTML source code but Turbo is the best HTML compression tool.

HTML Minification Example

HTML Minification Example

How to use the HTML Compressor tool?

Before starting please check the current page size of your webpage. This action will help you to compare page sizes before and after compression.

There are 2 (TWO) methods to optimize HTML code or files using our Turbo HTML code optimizer tool. You can use any method which will be easy for you.

  • Method-1: HTML Code Compressor
  • Method-2: HTML File Compressor

How to reduce HTML file size?

There are many HTML reducers online to reduce  ways to After checking page size simply follow our steps to compress your HTML code.

HTML code compressor

Step-1: Click on Copy & Paste HTML Code Tab

Sep-2: Paste your HTML code in the Box. 

Step-3: Click on the Submit button

In a short time, you will see the result and a file download link to download the compressed code.

How to use an HTML file compressor?

If you want to compress multiple HTML files just follow the below steps.

HTML file compressor

Step-1: Click on Upload Html Files

Step-2: Choose an HTML file from your PC

Step-3: If you want to add another file (Add up to 10 multiple HTML files) use it or skip this step.

Step-4: Click on the Compress files button

After clicking on the Compress file button you will get the result within a few seconds.

compress html file size online

HTML code cleanup & optimization video guide

Final Word

This highly compressed HTML optimizer online tool is very helpful for site owners as it nicely reduces the HTML file size. You can compress an entire HTML file or just an HTML code, whatever you like.