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Check Bad/Toxic Backlinks to save your domain authority

Turbo Toxic Backlink Checker will help you to find out all bad backlinks. Just enter your URL and click on the submit button to get all toxic backlinks information.

Turbo Bad Backlink Checker

Bad Backlinks Checker is a free SEO tool to check toxic backlinks of any website, Just enter your website and get all toxic backlinks to save website's domain authority. To know more about Bad Backlink Checker read the full article.

What is a Bad Backlink?

A bad backlink is a link that comes from an untrusted website or blog.

You can call a bad backlink a Toxic Backlink. The Backlink is the most important off-page SEO factor but toxic backlinks will be harmful to ranking your website. It will work like viruses. 

What is the Bad Backlinks Checker?

The bad backlinks checker is an online tool. It helps to find out all Toxic Backlinks of any website. Manually finding poor backlinks is not only harder but also waste of time. It allows users to check the domain and page authority information to identify any toxic or poor-quality links in their own backlink profile.

How to Check Toxic Backlinks?

Turbo Bad or Poor Backlink finder is very easy to use. Just enter your domain or website URL and click on the submit button to get all toxic backlinks.

STEP-1: Enter your website or domain

Bad backlinks checker

STEP-2: Click on the submit button

Toxic Backlinks Checker

After clicking on submit button you will get all toxic backlinks with PAGE TITLE & LOCATION, ANCHOR TEXT & DESTINATION, PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority) information like below image

Poor backlinks checker

Final Words

As a blogger or webmaster, you should avoid creating bad backlinks. Poor backlinks will provide some visitors to your website but it is bad practice for long time blogging. After the Penguin update, Google will reduce its rank in search results.

I hope this Bad Backlink Checker tools will help to find poor backlinks. You should delete all poor links using Disavow links tools