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Turbo HTML Link Extractor

HTML link extractor is the best online tool to list all links on a website. Extract links from website quickly and save time to do other work. To know more about HTML Link Extractor read the full article.

HTML Link Extractor is a free online tool to list all links on a website. If you work as an SEO auditor on the online market place, You have to do all pages audit. But collecting all links from a webpage is a wastage of time. You can extract all links from a page easily using our Link Extractor online software.

How to list all links on a website?

Please follow our instruction to collect all internal and external links from an HTML page

1. Open the web page you want to collect all link

2. View the source code (Ctrl + U)

3. Copy source code from the page

Note: You can use get source code of Webpage tool to avoid the above steps.

Now Copy the HTML Source code and paste it in the HTML Data field and click on the Extract URLs button. You will get all links or URLs at the Extracted Unique Links field. You also get links information like

  • Total URL Count: All internal and External links number.
  • Unique URL Count: If the HTML source codes have duplicate links, Here you will get only a unique URL number.
  • Unique Domain Count: The HTML Source Codes may have various websites or domain links. In this link count, you will get how many domains or website links are here.